Our partners

All our partners delivering employer-related provision can help businesses get the training they need to flourish. Some specialise in certain sectors (like care or hospitality), while others cover a broader range (such as further education colleges). All will be able to help businesses identify and locate the training they need, either from within the Consortium or through other partners.

Our partners also cover training for the unemployed and other ESFA and ESF funded provision and have a depth of experience and expertise with which they tackle ‘head-on’ some deep-rooted social issues, such as youth and adult unemployment.

The Consortium is pleased to work closely with The Worcestershire Training Providers Association, the Education and Skills Funding Agency, WMCA, GLA, DWP and JCP, Local Authorities, and various Community & Voluntary sector organisations.

Do partners have to have large contracts?

Certainly not! We are looking for quality provision, not necessarily large numbers. Ideally you will be able to deliver something different to that which we already do, or deliver it in a different way.

How do partners know what they've delivered?

Partners receive detailed and regular funding reports, many of which use ILR data at their core, with useful additional measures dependent on the contract type. For provision delivered, partner providers receive 100% of the funding we get, ensuring openness and transparency; any management fee is charged separately.

Our fees are among the lowest available, and are individually negotiated within an annually agreed band dependent on contract type, volume and other risk-based assessments.

How do I become a partner?

We are always eager to work with partners who share the same values and goals as the Consortium and want to help improve the lives of individuals across the country. Full details of all opportunities for sub-contracting will be published on this website.

If you are interested in receiving information on any future opportunities as soon as they are published, please submit an application to join our pre-approved list of partners. Only pre-approved partners will be eligible to bid for any current and future opportunities to partner with The Three Counties Consortium.

The Three Counties Consortium is managed and underpinned by the Heart of Worcestershire College, a large Further Education college based in Worcestershire, with sites in Worcester, Redditch, Bromsgrove and Malvern.

Although managed by the College, the Consortium has it’s own separate identity, and encourages – through principle and practice – partner providers to retain and use their own identity, utilising the strength of the Consortium offer to underpin their business.

Thanks to Government reforms, the Apprenticeship marketplace has never offered so many opportunities for training providers and employers to earn funding directly to support their work.

However, with this access to Government funding comes the need to meet detailed – and constantly evolving – funding rules, audit requirements, Ofsted inspections and new programmes of delivery and assessment. In addition for employers, there is the further issue of the levy funds employers may have, the Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) and other online facilities. The risks have never been greater…

There will be many training providers and employers where the nature and scope of their apprenticeship training programmes do not justify the financial cost – and other overheads – of having the required software, processes and staff to manage a complex Government contract and funding stream.

As an established and successful multi-campus College, we have extensive experience of managing large contracts, including those with the Government and the ESFA. We have run a very successful range of partnership models over the years (e.g. The Three Counties Consortium, The Blended Learning Consortium) and have worked with other Colleges, private training providers, the voluntary sector as well as many other stakeholders. We have an excellent reputation for genuine partnership working.

This experience, along with extensive, reliable and tested systems and processes means Heart of Worcestershire College can offer a range of ‘back office’ managed services that will help you ensure compliance with ESFA –  and other – contract requirements. Then you can concentrate on providing quality delivery to learners and where applicable, other employers.

These services include:

  • Paperwork & enrolment/support processes
  • Audit and compliance awareness training
  • Audit and compliance programmes – one-off or full programmes throughout the year
  • ILR input, returns, monitoring, reconciliation
  • Help with the Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS)
  • Managing employer’s levy accounts.

Contact us for further details.

The Consortium offers access to funded opportunities from the ESFA, EU and local LEPs, employer-related provision (16-18 and 19+ Apprenticeships) and classroom learning (as defined by the Education and Skills Funding Agency). The Consortium is also happy to discuss proposals for delivery in the 16-18 and adult funding streams.

  • Mutual trust – we value students, colleagues and partners as people.
  • Honesty and Integrity – we speak and act truthfully and with openness.
  • Diversity and Creativity – we value and encourage diversity, originality and vision.
  • Considerate, open communications – we share information, ideas and feelings.
  • Leadership and co-operation – we work with students, clients, colleagues and partners to achieve common goals.
  • Fairness – we treat students, clients, colleagues and partners justly and expect the same in return.
  • Responsible risk taking and accountability – we respond well to challenges.

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